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How to Disable Lenovo Asus Acer HP Laptop that Turns On Automatically.

How to Disable Lenovo Asus Acer HP Laptop

Nissamaheswary.com - Here is the most recent method or the latest setting, namely on a Lenovo laptop, when we close the laptop, we turn it off when we open it, and the machine is already on. it's set like that for Lenovo Yes, all Lenovo.

Is like that, yes, it's been a few years and this is the newest, yes, the newest series brand. So why does it turn on right away, Don't hang or sleep mode, but this is actually not the case, it's set to be activated on purpose, OK? 

Automatically turns on so this time I'm going to deactivate it, uh, it's automatically turned on by itself when we open the laptop, suddenly the power button is on, the indicator light is already on, and it's white, OK.

1. Once, first, let's turn it off first, yes, the laptop is really dead, that is, by pressing shutdown, OK.

2. Turn it off in the right way, after it's dead, we'll wait a few seconds, then we'll turn it on again.

3. Turn it on, I turn it on immediately, press F2, yes, the F2 button repeatedly, yes, it has entered to Bios. 

4. Slide to the right Yes, select this one, yes, the Flip to Start section, yes, on the right, we select


5. Then we immediately save with the hotkey, namely Air 10, Yes, we return, we return to our left arrow.

6. Select exit, then we press the arrow to the right, on the keyboard, select Exit Saving Change, then select yes, OK? Wait a minute, the laptop is working,

It's very simple, it's very easy, we basically go into the bios, let's wait a moment until the laptop actually turns on, well, it's already alive like this, this is the newest Lenovo, right?

Now please shut down our laptop, We wait a moment until it is completely dead, so the way to turn it off is to turn it off like this, we wait for the indicator light to go out, and we just close it (screen monitor) with close the screen first like this, but not until the light indicator turns off, 

Okay, please test it open yes, is the power button still alive, we check it's no longer OK, so the method is very simple, OK.